CHINA Trademark/Brand Creation in Local Language

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The important element to impress good product image and encourage vigorous purchase for/to Chinese consumers is to sell goods and services in local language. Such marks and brands in local language are usually required to register drugs. Furthermore, if a Chinese trademark application is filed, it is required to apply for in the name of company name in local language.

We have some partners in China and propose 10 candidate marks in local language per order.

if a mark in Roman lettering is not decided yet, we can propose each 5 marks in Roman lettering and local language. Such proposed candidate marks are delivered, listed in our spreadsheet format, during 5-7 business days from order date.

As usual workflow, you choose 2-3 marks preferred from candidate marks in the proposed list, and you order the trademark registrability/availability searches of the chosen candidate marks, and then flie Chinese trademark applications of 2-3 candidate marks of relatively low risk involving back-up mark/s. In the case there is a candidate mark not of relatively low risk as a result of the 1st trademark search, you may order further trademark searches of additional 1-3 candidate marks.

To conduct trademark registrability/availability search and file trademark applications, additional orders therefor are required. [You can order your IP counsel to do them.]

In creating candidate marks, identical mark search for each is conducted. So if trademark registrability/availability search is conducted, there is absolutely no case that identical mark is existing. Thus, we make efforts not to cause useless cost and time.

After confirmation of order and payment, we ask you product/service concept and derivation of mark in Roman lettering for product and service in local language; derivation of company name and business fields for company name in local language, as information to create.

It is normal to be order to create 10 or 20 candidate marks. In case of 20 candidate mark order, since ideas might be limited if all 20 marks are created by only a partner, we usually make 2 partners create each 10 marks,

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